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P3 Pyro

For our norwegian fans. The radio show Pyro on NRK P3 recently aired some Tonic Breed. You can listen to the entire show online. The link takes you directly to the Tonic Breed part.

Scream Magazine

Scream Magazine gave us a fair review in their latest release. Buy and support one of Norway's largest metal magazines.

Scream Magazine

HeavyMetal Interview

An interview about our latest release was recently made by We're talking about the release, studio and even about the lyrics. A review of the album was made as well.

Metal Disciple talks Tonic Breed

A great review from Metal Disciple. The Outsold review starts at 07:20. Listen to their podcast this week, and you might hear some Tonic Breed there as well.

Metal Disciple discussing the music market, independent bands and record companies. They're using Tonic Breed as one of their prime examples of unsigned bands making quality music. We recommend you to listen to the whole podcast, because these guys make a great podcast for people loving metal and metal news. If you want to skip to the Tonic Breed part, it starts at 26:15.

Album Reviews (NO)

"Nei, jeg må si meg svært fornøyd med denne, jeg hadde ikke sett for meg at Tonic Breed skulle hoste opp en såpass spennende sak."


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In the Press

An interview on one of the largest metal websites in Norway. In this interview we're talking about the Outsold release and stuff related to the album.

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