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Tabs for rhythm guitar has been made for all of the songs on the "Outsold" album. Though, there's still need for guitar solo tabs, and correct bass tabs and drum tabs on all tracks. If you know the art of "tabbing", go on and make the list more complete!

Learn the songs and post your version on the web! We love to see people cover our songs! The tabs are available on


Something you already didn't know about Tonic Breed? The Wikipedia articles about the band is getting pritty detailed now. Go ahead and read about the band, our latest album Outsold and our previous work. These articles is getting so good now, that we have decided to remove our "history" page here on "" and guide people to the Wikipedia articles instead.

Wikipedia Timeline
Timeline from the wikipedia article.

Outsold on Youtube

We have decided to put all songs from the Outsold album out on Youtube. Youtube is one of the most important platforms on the internet to have content available, and Tonic Breed is a band that have to work very hard for each new fan. Without any kind of record company, booking agency or music distributor to help us promote, we must do whatever we can to be easy to find. We hope the Tonic Breed fans still will buy our music if you like what we do, and here's a couple of ways to support us. So, we would appreciate if you subscribe to our channel and saved this playlist to your favorites!

Riffs from Outsold

Here's the playlist of the coming eight videos in this series. This is Patrik Svendsen and Tonic Breed trying to make it easier for you to learn the guitar parts on the latest album release. With english subs, so be sure to click the subtitles button on the bottom right if you don't understand the beautiful norwegian language.

Riffs from Bad Company

Riffs from Bad Company

Riffs from There's Just One Escape

Riffs from There's Just One Escape

Riffs from Strife

Riffs from Strife

Bad Company

Bad Company (Music video)

Album Reviews

Rock Metal Essence

"Even with "Outsold", the second studio album of their career, the Norwegians, Tonic Breed, hit the center of the target, working on a platter of eight tracks perfectly balanced between thrash metal and heavy eighties."


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Metal Storm

"(...) the music is done really well, their aren't many weaknesses and I do find myself enjoying the retro and redolent feelings I get when blasting this music through my 25 year old, 200-watt Pioneer speakers. I think I am going to go find that old "Metal Masters" VHS tape and reminisce...*sheds a tear*."


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In the Press

An interview on one of the largest metal websites in Norway. In this interview we're talking about the Outsold release and stuff related to the album.

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