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Get your Tonic Breed facts right. This timeline will help you out.

Fifth Estate Music Video

Ah, yes! January 24th we'll release our last music video from the "Outsold" album. We think this is a really good finish on what we think is a really great album! Thanks to "BandOrgs Frifondpenger" and Oscar Birk for making this possible!

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Rudi Golimo and Jørgen Abrahamsen - Fifth Estate music video Patrik Kvalvik Svendsen - Fifth Estate music video


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The End of the Beginning

Let us just put it this way:

We have just started

A new year is coming up, and we have a lot of things to do. First up is a release of a new music video! The song featured in the video is "Fifth Estate". This will be the last project around our 2014 album release, "Outsold". In our opinion this album deserves this kind of attention, even after nearly two years after it came out. We do of course wish this kind of content would be released much closer to the album release, but as an independent band, things do take more time than it should have.

Tonic Breed - Fifth Estate music video

This video feels like the end of what seems to be the beginning. As we now close the "Outsold chapter", we're ready for a new one.

Now we're really looking forward to play gigs in 2016. First up - as this is written - is in Sarpsborg, Norway. Tickets is already for sale!

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