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Getting in Shape

We have spent a lot of time in the rehersal room lately. We're getting in shape. And that's not for any reason. We finally are getting out on stage again after nearly two years. And that's thanks to an old friend of ours, Daniel Pettersen, who has agreed to help us out in the time to come. So with him as a step in drummer, we now have a live show very close to the original line up, which ended in 2010. Our next gig will also be the first gig to include our new lead guitarist, Jørgen Abrahamsen.

More details about our upcoming gigs will be announced shortly. Here's a gif of Daniel to watch while you wait.

Jørgen Abrahamsen

A couple of months ago we contacted Jørgen Abrahamsen when we needed a step in lead guitarist to our latest music video Strife. He did the job very well. Actually so well that we did some more rehersals with him even after the video recording. We can now gladly announce that Jørgen is our new lead guitarist - and our first left handed member ever! A bit more info about Jørgen on his profile page.

Below is a video audition Jørgen did to the music video recording:

Norsk på Spotify

The Norwegian website "Norsk på Spotify" asked us to make a 20+5 list. What is a 20+5 list? It's a list of songs from our favorite Norwegian bands. And in that list we were invited to add 5 of our own songs as well. Below is our entire 20+5, and while you're at it, you can visit our profile at the "Norsk på Spotify" home page.

The list of songs is chosen by Rudi, Jørgen and Patrik. The songs are in random order, except for our own, which we tried to spread around the list.


Video Premiere!

A long wait, but absolutely worth it! Here's Strife (Music Video)

Tonic Breed - Strife

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